Codavel Performance Service



To get more information about your deployment and the users connected through Codavel Performance Service, we provide an analytics page inside your Codavel account, with data collected from both Servers and Client’s SDKs.


In order to access it, please follow these steps:

1. Login into


a. If you do not have access, please contact our sales team, they will give you access to the console.


2. Go to the Insights section of the menu.

3. Select one of the three available dashboards:

a. Network – Contains overall HTTP requests information, along with some more detailed and low level statistics.

b. User – Contains action information and user behaviour. Note: To view data in this dashboard you need to add action data via SDK. Please see the section Configure Action in App of the respective interceptor.

c. Debug – Contains detailed information about possible errors that may affect your user experience, that can be used to identify and fix any configuration or deployment issues.

All the data from the above dashboards can be filtered by some properties, such as the app version, client location, network type or action performed.